Best Banquet Hall In South Delhi For Corporate Events

South Delhi is the business hub of the city. While there are a lot of offices and corporate headquarters in Gurgaon, South Delhi remains the power center because it is centrally located between Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, and other parts of the city. Therefore, business meetings in South Delhi are the norm.

Banquet Hall In South Delhi for Corporate Events

If you are planning a meeting, conference, or business event, the best place to host it is in South Delhi as it will be convenient for all. Additionally, there are a lot of other facilities and conveniences here that will make it a comfortable and familiar place.

Where to Host a Corporate Event?

Many companies and organizations do not prefer to host corporate events and conferences at their offices. This is because offices are usually not geared for such large events and housekeeping services find it difficult to cope. Thus the flow and show of large events are usually hampered by the lack of space, amenities, and limited experience of staff.

Instead, organizations prefer to rent a banquet hall, conference room, or other similar spaces that are geared toward such events. Professional caterers, ample parking, easy-to-find locations, and an impeccable environment helps achieve the business goals of the organization while presenting good image to outsiders.

Why a Banquet Hall?

Many hotels have Banquet Halls that are used for parties and events while some have Conference Rooms and Meeting Rooms that are designed and maintained specifically for business and corporate events.

These venues have the advantage of providing a comfortable space that is large enough to accommodate all the guests while removing the headache of hosting the event for the organization so that it can focus on its business objectives and targets instead of serving coffee.

Banquet Halls at hotels also have a high standard for setting, refreshments, and food that is acceptable to all. They provide an interruption-free environment conducive to deep discussion and complicated processes that may be difficult at offices or homes.

The best Banquet Hall in South Delhi

Unfortunately, many of Delhi’s largest hotels and resorts are not located in South Delhi. There are a few buildings and institutions in the area that offer these kinds of services but they can be hard to book and difficult to coordinate. Additionally, some of them may have stringent policies and exorbitant prices.

business hotels in south delhi

However, there is one hotel is South Delhi that is perfect for this purpose. The Svelte Hotel & Personal Suites is located inside Selet Citywalk Mall in Saket, South Delhi and offers some excellent venues that are sure to impress even the most high-profile business guests.

The Svelte Hotel is a relatively newly constructed facility in the heart of the city that has a number of good spaces that are ideal for business events. The hotel has great food, great service and is very easy to find and access, as it is an institution in itself.

The hotel is the perfect place for a business event in South Delhi as it inside the mall and offers easy access to any number of products and services as may be needed. Also, it is a five star hotel, which is a suitable place to host any client, partner or stakeholder.

So the next time you host a business event in South Delhi, be sure to explore the option of hosting it at Svelte Hotel & Personal Suites.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Which are the Popular Banquet Halls in South Delhi?

Ans. One of the most popular Banquet Halls in South Delhi is at the Svelte Hotel & Personal Suites inside the Select Citywalk Hotel in Saket, South Delhi.

Q2. Where do most business meetings take place?

Ans. Many business meetings take place at hotels because they provide a convenient and central location along with professional decoration, catering and amenities. Specifically, The Svelte Hotel & Personal Suites in Saket, South Delhi is a popular destination for business meetings, conferences and other corporate events.

Q3. Can I hold a business meeting at a hotel?

Ans. Yes. Holding a business meeting at a hotel has several advantages. It helps organizations focus on the business at hand while leaving catering, setting, service and amenities to professionals.

Q4. Does Svelte Hotel & Personal Suites have a space for meetings and events?

Ans. Yes. Svelte Hotel & Personal Suites in Saket, South Delhi has multiple rooms and Banquet halls that are appropriate for business meetings, conferences and even large corporate events like functions and ceremonies.

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