Delicious Indulgences: The Best Places For Lunch In Delhi That You Must Try

One of Delhi’s favorite and most popular pastimes is “Lunching.” While other people in the world treat lunch as just another meal, Delhiites take it to another level. If you are visiting Delhi from out of town, be prepared to engage in a whole lot of “Lunching” at the many fine restaurants and hotels in South Delhi.

Lunching and its bigger, brattier cousin, Brunching, are native to Delhi culture. Originating in South Delhi, they provides a viable platform for people of different categories to meet and greet the host, and each other, for as long as time permits, before they are drained by the day and get whisked away to the usual evening hangouts.

What in the world is “Lunching?”

Lunching is the social art of escalating the midday meal into a full-blown and lavish communal event. It starts as early as 11 am and continues way into the afternoon. Perhaps inspired by the famous and elaborate Luncheons of British Royalty, Delhi’s “lunching” is no less ornate.

The main benefits of lunching include a casual, bohemian environment, hedonistic food and intoxicating beverages laced with enough sugar to kill a small horse. It may be hosted by one person or by a collective and may be a buffet or a-la-carte affair, where diverse groups can meet and interact freely.

Best Places For Lunch In South Delhi

Lunching was originally the pastime of the rich and famous in South Delhi, enjoyed by those who are not shackled by the daily grind, but the practice has now percolated down to the masses. Nowadays, even working-class, office-going men have stepped up to the challenge and started organizing elaborate Lunches during office hours at the drop of a dime.

On Lunching Days, a core group piles into 2 or 3 cars and drives to the nearest restaurant that is universally beloved and whose management has been forewarned. Here, they order up some calorific fare like avant-garde Tikkas and Kebabs pared with fruity Martinis and light beer, which is topped off with Dal Bukhara and Delhi’s staple frontier food.

Then they electronically mass-invite a large but carefully selected list, giving minimum notice and almost no information. Over a mélange of inventive finger food, a motley-crew of friends and interconnected well wishers quickly assemble to exchange a few laughs, selfies, ideas and gossip before carrying on like nothing happened.

The origins and benefits of lunching

Like many social morays, Lunching can be traced back to Kitty Parties, which were forced to spend large amounts of money quickly and had to end abruptly before the kids got home from school and husbands started calling about the evening. Out of these hard necessities, a new way of daytime parting was invented that soon came to dominate the urban social landscape of Delhi.

Since antiquity, Delhi has been a closed city of courtiers, warring factions and tight cliques with shifting loyalties and tribal behavior. Lunching allows a tribe or warlord to periodically assemble the flock together to celebrate victories, plot counter-coups and plan counter-offensives.

“Lunching” and “Brunching”

Brunching is like Lunching on Champagne-Redbull. This beast of a meal is so lavish, extravagant and downright debauched that it is usually reserved for Sundays only. This day is supposed to be Gods Day of Rest in the Christian Tradition and Delhiites agree wholeheartedly.

On Sunday, Delhiites don’t eat breakfast. They wake up late, slap on some clothes and make their way to organized Sunday Bruch Buffets hosted by many fine and respectable restaurants in the city. At these all-you-can-eat buffets, Delhiites can feast on a dizzying array of food and unlimited champagne or house wine for hours on end, until they are full or hospitalized.

Best Places For Lunch In Delhi

The ambience is casual, the booze flows freely and table manners are a thing of the past at these congregations. No seat is safe and no plate is secure as people mill around, play musical chairs and even go for short walks. To outsiders, this may seem chaotic but a series of precedents and protocols are silently but firmly in place to guide the party.

Often, Brunching is organized by a single person or power couple as they hold court to celebrate a personal, family or professional accomplishment. The most potent of these is a new Roka Ceremony or the engagement of a young couple, which automatically triggers a series of such scenes from both sides.

Where to go for Lunching?

Lunching needs a central place. When picking a suitable restaurant, it is important to pick a location that is accessible to all and easy to get in and out of. Therefor, South Delhi and specifically, Saket in South Delhi is a popular destination.

One of the best restaurants in Delhi for lunch, that is centrally located, has great food and offers a number of options nearby is the Classique Bistro at the Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites inside the Select Citywalk Mall in Saket. This is a trendy and classy spot near the eye of the storm that is perfect for any kind of lunch or lunch party.

Places For Lunch In Delhi

Be it a romantic rendezvous, office affair or family scene, the Classique Bistro has what it takes to provide the kind of experience that suites everyone and gets the job done effortlessly while having the desired effect. So the next time you have a romantic lunch date in Delhi or want to go Lunching, think Saket and Svelte.

Frequently asked Questions:

Q1 Which is the best place for lunch in Delhi?

Ans. The best place for lunch in Delhi is the Select City Mall in Saket and specifically, the Classique Bistro Restaurant at the Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites, located inside the mall.

Q2 Which is the best place for lunch in Delhi for couples?

Ans. One of the best places for an intimate and romantic lunch in the lap of luxury is the Classique Bistro Restaurant at the Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites inside the Select Citywalk Mall in Delhi.

Q3 Which restaurants are open for lunch in Delhi?

Ans. There are many restaurants in Delhi that are open for lunch and provide a great lunch experience. Our top choice is the Classique Bistro Restaurant at the Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites inside the Select Citywalk Mall in Delhi.

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