Top Hotels In South Delhi For Business Travelers: The Perfect Blend Of Comfort And Convenience

Thousands of business travellers from all over the world visit Delhi every month because it is the capital of India. However, finding a good business hotel in the city that is both convenient and a pleasure to visit can be hard. Here’s a guide to finding your perfect business enclave in the middle of this ancient and iconic metropolis.

hotel in delhi for business traveller

When it comes to business hotels, the most important prerequisite is a good location. This makes doing business much easier and also allows you to check out nearby attractions to get the most out of your time in the city. Since the best and most central part of Delhi is South Delhi, we will start our search here.

South Delhi

South Delhi is, without doubt, the most prestigious, fashionable and happening part of the city. Staying in South Delhi will allow you to connect with the maximum number of people and businesses while also giving you easy access to a number of interesting tourist sites and transportation hubs.

While South Delhi is a large area that includes a number of different neighborhoods, the mall district can be thought of as its central focal point. This is an area called Saket, which houses 5-10 of the biggest and most popular malls and shopping complexes in Delhi. Perhaps the most famous of these malls is Select CityWalk, which can be thought of as the commercial and social center of Delhi.

Convenience and connectivity

Besides a central location, business travellers also need convenience and connectivity. The hotel should be easy to check into and use, without delays, hassles and cumbersome processes. The hotel should also have free and fast wifi in all areas and a good business center, which provides the basic business tools that fall within the accepted norms of business travel.

Many business travelers from out of town also need a conference hall & meeting hall in Delhi for meetings. A good business hotel will have plush and functional rooms where guests can meet with business associates and hold conferences. Ideally, these rooms should have a projector, speakers. tea and coffee service, easy access and comfortable seating.

Comfort and efficiency

Business hotels must be fast, efficient and convenient but that doesn’t mean that they have to be uncomfortable or bare. After business hours are over and the day is done, business travellers need time to unwind and deserve to be comfortable in the lap of luxury. A good business hotel must have a good restaurant and bar, swimming pool and a well-fitted gym for a basic workout.

business hotels room

The rooms at Business Hotels must be extremely comfortable, private and well equipped to avoid sleepless nights and interruptions during the day. The bedding, desk, air conditioning, lighting, clothes iron and telephones must work seamlessly and efficiently without requiring help or interjection from the front desk.

A Top Business Hotel in South Delhi

Keeping in mind the many criteria that we have discussed, one of the best hotels in South Delhi for business travelers is the Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites located inside the Select Citywalk Mall in Saket, South Delhi. This hotel checks off all the right boxes and provides the best overall solution for a convenient and comfortable stay in the nation’s capital.

The Svelte hotel and Business Suites is a fashionable boutique property with an enviable address. It takes the concept of being centrally located to new heights, as it is located right inside the main mall of New Delhi. With easy access for guests through the mall or through a private side entrance, guests here have access to everything imaginable.

business hotels in south delhi

The hotel also has the novel concept of providing luxurious and spacious suites for its guests that have built in kitchenettes and sitting areas. This makes it feasible to invite business guests over to the suite for longer meetings and discussions in a comfortable and private space. The built in kitchenette makes it possible to have personalized gourmet meals made according to your own specifications.

Rated as one of the best business hotels in South Delhi, the Svelte Hotel also has a spectacular rooftop swimming pool that makes the evenings a pleasure. Guests can order items from the hotel’s impressive food and beverage menu while enjoying breathtaking bird’s eye views of the city. With a great gym, spa, fine dining restaurant and well-designed business center, the Svelte Hotel is the ideal Business Hotel in Delhi.

So the next time you visit New Delhi for business, simply check into the Svelte Hotel in Saket for smooth, productive and luxurious experience. You can book the hotel at all major aggregators such as Agoda and or you can contact the hotel directly for personalized service and guaranteed low rates, which will help you get the best value for money for your business trip.


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