Jaipur To Delhi Business Trip: Stay & Dine

The Jaipur to Delhi Business trip is a fun journey. What used to be a hassle earlier is now a well-oiled travel experience that offers many options and set routes. You can go to Delhi and come back by road as the highway has become quite good or you can go by taxi, bus, train or plane. Whichever path you choose, you are sure to have a smooth sail with great stops en route and many places to stay in South Delhi for the business traveller.

Delhi is only about 300 Kms from Jaipur and can be reached in about 5 hours by road. The highway between the cities used to be dilapidated and congested but is now a pleasure to traverse. With open stretches, clear signage and plenty of rest stops along the way, this is one road trip that is a pleasure to take at the drop of a hat.

The modern day business traveller need not think twice before going to Delhi for a short meeting, trade event or simply to catch the latest industry trends. You can plan impromptu trips and book a hotel along the way for a great stay experience near your work area and even check out the sites in Delhi before leaving for Jaipur around lunchtime the next day.

business meeting in South Delhi

Despite improvements in technology and the rise in the popularity of video calls, there is no replacement for the in-person visit to meet clients, financers, partners, vendors or prospective employees. Shaking someone’s hand, talking to them face to face and breaking bread with them still holds meaning and retains power in todays fast work environments.

Now, anyone from Jaipur can simply make a quick trip to Delhi to build, grow and utilize personal contacts and to get firsthand information on what is happening in the capital city. With a number of large markets, many corporate headquarters and numerous government offices, Delhi is a great location to tap into for anyone in the Jaipur area. Lets take a look at how to best get there and the options available to travellers.

How to Travel

Car: As discussed, driving is perhaps the best way to get to Delhi and back. This allows you to travel at your own pace, be mobile once you are in Delhi and enough time to make calls or listen to music along the way. The only disadvantage is that it may get a bit tiring if are driving all by yourself and also a little boring if you don’t make stops.

Taxi: Fast and efficient taxi services are now available between Jaipur and Delhi via new apps that offer highly discounted prices to lure clients. Many travellers have reported a smooth and comfortable ride at extremely low prices while some have reported nightmare conditions due to malfunctioning technology.

Bus: A number of good busses are available for the Jaipur-Delhi trip and some are very comfortable and come with climate control, video screens, sleepers, washrooms and more. If the timing suits you, taking the bus can save money and hassle as a viable option, especially if you know the ins and outs of bus travel.

Train: The train promises a fast and dependable way to reach Delhi from Jaipur and back. Again, if the right train is available and the timing suits you, there is nothing like a train journey that will take you to the heart of the city in around 4 hours. The Shatabdi and the Vandebharat are considered to the best trains for this journey.

Plane: One can also take a flight from Jaipur to Chandigarh as the rates are quite reasonable and the flight only takes an hour. In fact, discounted airfare is now comparable to train and bus prices. If you have good travel arrangements in both the cities and are short on time, a flight is a wonderful way to get there fast.

What to Do

Once you are done with your work in Delhi, there are many interesting places to see here. Depending on your interests, you can visit some of the iconic landmarks here such as the Qutub Minar or the Lotus Temple or you can visit some of the most happening clubs and restaurants that dot the city.

The best place to stay in Delhi is South Delhi, where there are many good malls, markets, hotels, nightclubs and museums to peruse. You can also stay at some incredible boutique hotels in south Delhi at a good price as you experience the latest events and happenings around town.

Where to stay

Delhi offers many options for accommodations depending on where you want to stay. In south Delhi, one of the best and most fashionable places to stay is the Svelte Hotel and Personnel Suites located inside the famous Select CityWalk Mall in Saket. This is a luxurious and lavish property that is a pleasure to check into, regardless of if you are visiting Delhi for a day or a month.

business hotels in south delhi

The best part of this hotel is that it offers Personal Suites that feature kitchenettes, workspaces and sitting areas for business meetings. The hotel also has a great restaurant called Classique Bistro and several well appointed meeting rooms and conference rooms for all your business needs. A stay at Svelte is sure to make your Delhi trip fun and rewarding at the same time.


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