Escape For A Romantic Valentine’s Day In Delhi

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and if you are fortunate enough to be in a relationship, its time to make plans that impress and inundate. This is the one day in the year that we do not recommend taking lightly. Any mistakes made on this special day can be costly while any efforts extended will surely be rewarded in the long run.

What to do on Valentine’s Day?

Since V Day falls on a Tuesday this year, there are some limitations on what you can and can’t do. Going out of town or planning a party night may not be feasible for many couples but a romantic meal at a fashionable restaurant in South Delhi may be the best option.

Romantic Valentine’s Day In Delhi

While there are many great dinner places in a city like Delhi, V Day is not the time to take chances or try something new. Instead, it is best to stick to a tried, tested and well-reputed place that is guaranteed to provide a smooth experience for you and your date.

For this reason, it is preferable to book a restaurant at a hotel, mall or other complex that has the infrastructure to ensure that nothing goes wrong. While hotels can be busy and exorbitant, malls provide a nice atmosphere where you can do some things before and after the meal – like buy presents or window shop for items on the wish list.

Where to go for a Valentine’s Day Dinner?

Once great option for a romantic dinner on Valentines Day is Svelte Hotel & Personal Suites at Select Citywalk Mall. The hotel has a great restaurant called the Classic Bistro, which provides a fine dining experience in the heart of South Delhi.

Of all the hotels in South Delhi, Svelte Hotel & Personal Suites is perhaps the most stylish and tasteful. It offers an awesome dinner experience with gourmet cooking, multi-cuisine offerings and a great selection of beverages and desserts.

If you are going for a V Day date, its advisable to call the restaurant ahead of time, make a booking and also let them know if you want something special planned. Usually, upmarket restaurants like the Classic Bistro are only too happy to oblige.

What makes Svelte an interesting choice is that it also has rooms and suites in case you decide to stay overnight. Also, since the hotel is attached to the mall, you have a wide selection of what to do after dinner.

What to do after Dinner on Valentine’s Day?

As mentioned, Select Citywalk Mall has an impressive array of shops and eateries. One can get some great coffee at Coffee Bean and Co. or go for some decedent desserts at the many ice cream parlors and bakeries inside the mall.

Select Citywalk Mall also offers a great Game Zone called Hangout. This is a rainforest themed play area for adults and children where one can go bowling, play arcade games and try a host of fun new experiences.

Romantic Valentine’s Day In Delhi

The mall also offers a great multiplex cinema with luxurious lazy-boy chairs and an a la carte menu that is an experience in itself. One can choose from multiple features and enjoy them on the large screen with an immersive sound system in a luxurious setting.

If these options are not for you, there are several other malls, markets and hubs in South Delhi that are close by. Depending on the mood or the wishes of your better half, you can visit almost any place in South Deli from this convenient location.

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