Delhi Hotel Deal: How To Book A Great Stay In Delhi

Finding a good Delhi hotel deal can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Although the city has many great hotels, availability can be a problem and Delhi hotel prices can sometimes be exorbitant. Also, many older hotels do not provide enough information on their website so you never know if you are going to like the experience or not. Luckily, there are many new and independent boutique 5-star hotels that have come up that warrant a try.

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Boutique hotels tend to be more flexible as they do not have strict policies laid down by their company headquarters and are also more innovative as they have more leeway in this area. These hotels are also more stylish and feel different because they don’t have any restrictions and are looing to differentiate themselves from the standard hotels.

Finding a good boutique hotel can be hard as they are not so well known and do not advertise very heavily. Since they may operate only one or two properties, they do not have national ad campaigns or a big media footprint. The only way to find these hidden gems is by doing some research or by word of mouth.

Why stay at a Boutique 5-star Hotel?

If you are a frequent traveller, you may have stayed at many 5-star hotels. You may also have noticed that they all have the same room and offer the same experience that has now become boring to many travellers. The hotel building is usually built in the traditional way with a big front porch and a boxy reception. The décor is also usually old fashioned with a lot of brass, wood and fabric.

Contemporary boutique hotels, on the other hand, offer a new experience that feels like a breath of fresh air. They often follow quirky designs and innovative facilities as they try to prove themselves. This is why it is a pleasure to stay at these places where every stay is like a journey of discovery and something new can be found at every corner. Specifically, here are some specific advantages of staying at a luxury boutique hotel:

Better Price: Since boutique hotels do not belong to a big chain and do not have a well-established reputation in the market, they offer lower prices and better deals for the same facilities as a standard hotel. They also offer many sweeteners and add-ons to ensure customer loyalty that can be very useful during your trip.

Greater Flexibility: Want something that is not on the menu? Stand-alone boutique hotels are more likely to honor your request because they do not have strict policies and guidelines that must be adhered to like “legacy hotels.” This makes your stay more pleasant and comfortable.

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Newer Designs: Older hotels can look and feel out of date. They are sometimes renovated but the look and feel normally remains the same. Contemporary hotels usually have a modern and slick design that is more in tune with the times and feels fresh and modern.

Younger Crowd: While legacy hotels usually attract older people from well-established organizations, boutique hotels draw a younger, more dynamic crowd. Since traveling is all about seeing new places and meeting new people, a drink at the bar or a visit to the restaurant is more interesting at these places.

Better Location: Older hotels are usually located at the edge of town, where there is room for sprawling properties. On the other hand, boutique hotels tend to be located near to the center of town or close to a known landmark to attract clients.

Besides these advantages, there are several other reasons to try our new boutique properties. Overall, you will get a new experience and also feel younger and more “with it” at these fresh havens that tend to spring up in any great metropolis and Delhi is no different.

Where to stay in Delhi

One of the best hotels in Delhi that is highly rated and popular with youngsters is the Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites in Saket. The USP of this hotel is that it is located inside the popular Select CityWalk Mall and offers a plethora of fun options, all within walking distance.

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Svelte Hotel is also very stylishly designed. It has plush interiors, contemporary furnishings and spacious rooms. It also has Personal Suites for guests looking to stay for an extended period with a sitting area and kitchenette while the beautiful rooftop pool is a pleasure to swim in before a workout at the very adequate gym.

But the main charm of staying at the Svelte Hotel is the modern vibe. Gone are the stuffy carpets and military style uniforms. Instead, at Svelte, you will find designer furniture, well-modeled rooms and great service delivered by friendly and happy staff members. If a new experience is what you are looking for, Svelte is the place to stay in Delhi.

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