Restaurants Near Nehru Place

Nehru Place is a business park in Delhi that is worth visiting for tourists and residents alike. It has markets, office buildings, restaurants and boutiques along with cinema halls and interesting tourist attractions that can keep you busy for the whole day. One can get here easily as there is a metro station located in Nehru Place that connects to most places in Delhi. Additionally, the market is well known to everyone and a number of busses, taxis and auto rickshaws are available for visitors.

Named after India’s first and longest serving Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, this complex was created to house offices and shops related to technology and trade. Thousands of private and government organizations have bought or rented offices here and the compound has become known as the best marketplace for computers, phones, accessories, office equipment, garments, photography equipment, electronica and more. Besides shopping, one can also visit some famous landmarks here.

Things to do in Nehru Place

Nehru Place is a large and complex place that will take the whole day to explore. While some people may find it crowded and overrun by aggressive businesses engaging in shard dealings, the area is completely safe during the day or night. You can road around here freely and explore the many different and strange sight here. Lets take a look at some of the main attractions to check out while visiting this iconic market.

Computer Market:  The Nehru Place computer market is said to be one of the biggest in Asia and has thousands of small shops that supply a comprehensive list of computer related hardware and software. From laptops and assembled desktops to advanced gaming systems from showrooms of the best companies in the world to dingy shops in sub basements, this is the undefeated hub for computer electronics. If you are in the market for anything computer related, chances are that you will find it here.

Lotus Temple:  The Lotus temple is an interesting place of worship built by the Bahai Faith. This organization preaches for peace and understanding along with a global view to governance. At the lotus-shaped structure in Nehru Place, one can meditate, participate in events and meet other like-minded people or take a tour of this architectural wonder and iconic landmark of Delhi. Inside, there is no shrine or deity, just a large area for people to meditate and congregate.


Inox Cinemas: A multiplex cinema located inside the Nehru Place Market, one can watch international and Indian films here and also enjoy premium seating options and private lounges. The cinema also serves some over the counter snacks and is located close to the metro station and the parking lot for easy access. If you want to watch a movie here, it is best to make reservations ahead of time as it gets quite busy, especially in the evenings.

Metro Station Food Court: The metro station in Nehru Place is one of the biggest and best in Delhi. It houses a dizzying array of restaurants and fast food places along with some impressive shops and bars. The station has interesting architecture and can be accessed by multiple gates, leading to a smooth flow of traffic even during rush hour. The food court at this metro statin is especially famous as it has a host of famous international brands along with all the local favorites.

Garment Market: Besides Computers, Nehru Place is also a hub for high fashion garments. On the north side of the complex, there are a number of big suppliers of different types of garments and textiles that are visited by clothes manufacturers and fashion designers from all over town. The market does brisk business and sells thousands of yards of cloth everyday and is well known in fashion circles. If you are looking for a specific or rare kind of garment or artistry, chances are that you will find it here.

Restaurants near Nehru Place

Despite the abundance of street food stalls, chat corners, bakeries and casual dining place in Nehru Place, there are very few upmarket sit down places. If you have a business lunch or are entertaining a friend or just want a quiet meal away from the hustle and bustle of the marketplace, one of the best places to visit in South Delhi is the Classique Bistro at the Svelte Hotel in Saket.

Restaurants near Nehru Place

The restaurant offers a great fine dining experience and serves up some very competent multi-cuisine dishes and beverages. The décor and environment at the restaurant is contemporary and stylish while the service is always above par. The restaurant is located inside the famous Svelte Hotel at the Select CityWalk Mall so after your meal, you can visit a variety of top notch stores and also peruse the entertainment centers in the district.



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