Best Restaurants To Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Delhi NCR

In the wink of an eye, 2023 is almost over and people are busy making plans for New Year’s Eve. Wildly popular and celebrated all over the world, New Year’s Eve is greeted with a good deal of warmth and excitement in India too as everyone looks back at having survived another year and looks forward to opening a new chapter in the new year.

New Years Eve is especially a big deal in metropolitan cities in India like Delhi as there are many venues and places to congregate and party. The residents of Delhi have a lot of choice when it comes to things to do and ways to party in the capital. In this blog, we will look at some of the best options available for partygoers and how best to utilize them.

What to do

The main choice for many people is whether to leave the city or to celebrate in the midst of the carnival atmosphere that descends upon Delhi every year on December 31st. Although the city can be maddeningly chaotic with drunk drivers and overzealous party people, not everyone has the time, energy and resources at hand to organize a destination New Years Eve Party. It may be best to celebrate the onset of the New Year in the city you call home and with the people you see everyday.

Nor is the occasion so mundane and trite that it does not warrant a night out. Luckily, there are many respectable and renowned establishments in Delhi that can be depended upon for providing plenty of merriment in relative safety and comfort. Let’s explore how you can organize a fun night out on New Years Eve without breaking the bank or putting yourself in jeopardy.

How to celebrate

Everyone parties differently and has different notions about what a good time entails but regardless of where you go and what you do, there are some concerns and factors that are common to us all. Here are some general tips and guidelines that you should remember when planning your excursion on New Year’s Eve:

Plan ahead: New Years Eve is no time to be wandering around aimlessly or playing it by ear. It is best to make detailed plans ahead of time including getting a confirmation from the establishment you plan to go to, arranging suitable transportation and drinking in moderation. If you don’t plan ahead, our night may get washed away in a sea of partygoers who will be out in full force on this occasion.

Start early: It is crucial that you start your night early in order to miss the mad rush that develops around 11pm as everyone scrambles to get where they are going to. Since many people are inebriated by this time and public decorum is pushed to the limit, it is best to reach your party destination and get settled in by 9:30 pm so that you miss the midnight rush. Reaching early will also allow you to make the most of the nights entertainment and fully utilize the princely amount that you have paid.

Stick together: Regardless of whether you step out with a date or in a big group, you should be aware of where everyone in your bunch is and ensure that everyone gets home okay. Due to the large number of people and the high level of excitement, there are many accidents on NYE and many people get hurt. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you or to someone in your group, all you have to do is to look out for one another and not to wander away from your group.

Leave late: Avoid being on the road immediately after midnight as many people are leaving their party destination at this time and still others are changing venues, providing services or watching fireworks. To avoid this dangerous chaos on the roads, all you have to do is wait until 1am when things begin to amble back to normalcy.

Where to celebrate

One of the best locations to be around on New Years Eve is the Select CityWalk Mall in Saket. This is the most famous and popular mall in Delhi and considered to be the city center and cultural hub of Delhi in many ways. With a massive infrastructure, responsible management, watertight security and many options for food and drink, it is the safest and best place for a night out.

South Delhi Hotel Package

Inside the Select CityWalk Mall, there is a stylish and famous hotel called the Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites, which boasts of one of the best fine-dining restaurants in Delhi called the Classic Bistro. The restaurant has great tasting food, impeccable service and a wonderful ambience that is apt for a classy new yeas eve celebration. On New Years Eve, they will surely organize a great event that includes dinner, drinks and a show worthy of the occasion. This is the best option for an enjoyable and memorable New Years Eve and a great start to 2024.

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