Discovering Hidden Gems: Boutique Hotels In South Delhi

Staying at a five star hotel is fun ad exciting at first. However, once you stay at a lot of five star hotels, the experience starts becoming staid and even boring. Most rooms are the same and have the same amenities, services and facilities, which can start to get repetitive. The answer? Boutique Hotels.

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Boutique Hotels are usually stand-alone properties that are designed and developed a little differently. They do not have to conform to centralized plans and protocols developed by the head office and can generally do whatever they like. This gives them the freedom to try new and different things for their guests.

What are boutique Hotels?

The word “boutique” comes from French and is used to refer to a small and specialized shop. Over the years, it has been absorbed into English and is used to mean any small, independent and unique shop or business that caters to a niche clientele. The phrase “Boutique Hotel” is used for hotels that have these characteristics.

Boutique Hotels tend to be smaller and focus on design and innovation. They are also more likely to have flamboyant décor, personalized service and stunning locations to compete with the bigger brands. This leads to a markedly different experience for guests that some seen to enjoy and relish.

Why Stay at Boutique Hotels?

If you like discovering new ideas and experiences, boutique hotels are for you. Every boutique hotel offers a new perspective and new ideas on hospitality, service and cuisine, which can be fun and exciting for adventurous travellers. They also offer exaggerated luxury and innovative design that takes risks and can be very rewarding for guests.

One downside of a boutique hotel is that they are not well known brands and do not have a long-established reputation or standard. Therefore, one has to be careful in selecting the right hotel to ensure that the experience is a welcome change and not a disruption to your regular routine.

Boutique Hotels In South Delhi

To get the best of both worlds, one can also stay at a five star Boutique Hotel. These are independent, intimate and innovative hotels that are rated 5 stars as per industry standards and conventions even though they might be smaller and run differently. This allows guests to have a new experience while being assured of a basic set of quality expectations.

If you are tired of the same old dog and pony show, you can definitely go in for a boutique hotel on your next trip to the city. However, when trying out a new place, one has to be careful and do some research beforehand to ensure that the experience will be to your liking. One way to ensure this is to read the reviews or ask around for recommendations.

Boutique Hotels in South Delhi

South Delhi is a stylish and upmarket part of Delhi that has a number of hotels. If you are tired of the standard, generic and canned experience of a regular five star hotel, you should try one of the most famous boutique hotels in south Delhi – Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites.

This is a five star boutique hotel that is very popular amongst a niche South Delhi crowd. The hotel offers a stunning location inside the most popular and fashionable mall of Delhi – the Select Citwalk Mall in Saket. Its ultra prime location means that everything you could possibly need is within a stones throw away.

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The hotel also has an innovative concept of Personal Suites. These are large suited designed for comfortable long stays. The suites offer an innovative architecture including a sitting area and a small kitchenette where guests can prepare their own meals or have someone cook it for them in their own abode, just the way they like it.

If cooking or personalized chefs are not your thing, the in-house fine dining restaurant at Svelte will surely please your taste buds. The restaurant called Classique Bistro offers a variety of multi-cuisine dishes that are innovative and classic, all at the same time.

Overall, if you are looking for bespoke luxury, stylish settings and a personalized experience, you cannot go wrong with Svelte Hotel. It will add a unique flavor to your trip and ensure that you have a fun, exciting and successful trip to the city.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1 What are some popular boutique hotels in South Delhi?

Ans. One of the most popular Boutique Hotels in South Delhi is the Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites inside the Select Citywalk Mall in Saket. This is one of the most stylish and lavish hotels in South Delhi and also has a distinct character and ambience, unlike most large hotel chains, which have a standard and generic style as they use a cookie-cutter method.

Q2 What are the advantages of staying at a boutique hotel in South Delhi?

Ans. A boutique hotel offers a distinct and unique experience, which is different to the mundane and staid experience offered by large hotel chains. Boutique Hotels also offer a distinctly personal touch that is endearing for guests. For example, one boutique hotel in Saket is the Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites inside the Select Citywalk Mall, which offers personalized service and warm hospitality.

Q3 How much does it cost to stay at a boutique hotel in South Delhi?

Ans. Boutique hotels can cost as much and sometimes more than standard five star hotels. For example, the Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites in Saket is a well-known 5 star boutique hotel and charges around Rs. 7,500 per room per night.

Q4 How can I book a room at a boutique hotel in South Delhi?

Ans. You can book a room at a boutique hotel in South Delhi directly by calling the or visiting their website. For example, the Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites guarantees the lowest rate on its website. Alternatively, you can visit your favorite booking site or aggregator such as,,, etc.

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