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Hauz Khas Village has come up as one of the most exciting and fashionable parts of Delhi. Located around an old lake and the ruins of an ancient monument, the market here has grown quickly to house thousands of bars, boutiques, cafes, restaurants and specialty shops with a distinct artistic vibe. From home décor to the latest designer wear, one can get the latest products and fashion accessories here and also enjoy an evening of discovering the latest trends and styles in the market.

Since this market is located in the village district and is protected by law, many of the rules relating to zoning and public places don’t apply here. There is also a big footfall of visitors here since many people come here to enjoy the greenery and ambience around the lake and monument. In recent times, a number of popular nightclubs and clubs have also opened up here, making the area a fun and busy nightspot in the capitals city’s landscape.

If you are visiting Delhi from out of town, this is a must visit place for you. You can start your visit early in the day here and heck out the regular activities and entertainments in a wholesome environment culminating in a great sundowner along with beautiful views of the lake. In the evening, you can hit some of the bars and nightclubs here and will most likely find one that fits your speed.

Things to do in Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas is a young and fun place that one needs to explore over time. The winding back lanes and narrow galleries can be confusing and labyrinthine at first but once you know how to navigate them expertly, you will discover a world of art galleries, studios, new age centers, creatively spaces and out of the box experiences. Lets take a look at some of the most famous things to do when you visit Hauz Khas:

Hauz Khas Fort: No visit to Hauz Khas is complete without an obligatory walk amongst the ruins of the old Hauz Khas Fort. The sunset over this area can be quite beautiful while the lake provides an impressive and soothing view to visitors. Regardless of how many times you visit this old monument, there seems to be something new to discover every time you come.

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Deer Park: If you like animals, you will love deer park. Besides a lot of deer and geese, the park also attracts people with pets and children for a lively and festive environment. The nearby lake has several benches scattered around for a fun filled picnic, exercise routine, or photography session amidst the splendors of nature.

Delhi Art Gallery: A formal art gallery with an impressive exhibit of historical and contemporary art, the Delhi Art Gallery should be on the list of any art enthusiast. Conveniently located at the entrance of the market, this place goes a long way in giving the area the ethnic and creative aura that permeates everywhere in Hauz Khas Village.

Where to stay

If you are visiting Delhi and would like to explore the Hauz Khas area, you will need more than one day. The best way to explore this place is to stay close by and visit it at will over several days so that you can calmly take in all the treasures that it offers. To do this, you will have to find suitable locations in the vicinity.

One great hotel near Haus Khas Village is the Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites in Saket. This is a stylish and contemporary boutique five star property that offers great accommodations in the heart of the city. The hotel also offers personal Suites hat are ideal for additional comfort and luxury but also well suited to a comfortable long term stay as they come with a kitchenette and a sitting area.

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Another major advantage of staying at this hotel is that it is inside the Select CityWalk Mall at the heart of the mall district. This gives guests easy access to all the facilities and convenience that they can possibly want. As expected, the mall is very well connected and the Saket Metro Station and Hauz Khas Village Market are only a short drive away. The Select CityWalk Mall also has the best stores and brands in the world and is a fun place to visit in its own right. Staying at Svelte will guarantee that you never get bored and also ensure that you can see HKV and other sites here to your hearts content.





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