South Delhi Hotel Booking: Get All The Details You Need To Know

South Delhi is a great place to stay. If you are visiting Delhi and are looking to book a hotel in South Delhi, you may want to read this to find out the inside scoop on Delhi’s most fashionable district and the caveats that go along with it.

What is so special about South Delhi?

Delhi is quite a large place and there are many areas, districts, and suburbs of the city that all have their own unique identity. Amongst these, South Delhi is probably the most happening, stylish, and socially active part of the metropolis.

Since it was developed relatively later, South Delhi is better planned than other areas and has been inhabited by business people and professionals from the start. The houses here are built upon large plots and organized into gated colonies that are charming in their own way.


There are many shopping areas, markets, and malls here that do very well. Many of these have been taken over by large brands and successful local businesses. Besides shopping areas, there are a lot of other things to do and see here as well. Overall, the vibe in South Delhi is sophisticated, posh, westernized, and fun.

What is the best place to book a hotel in South Delhi?

Although South Delhi itself covers a large area, Saket is the heart of the district. It is a shopping area with a cluster of 3-4 popular malls and several markets and office areas that are central to the idea of South Delhi, both geographically and culturally.

Staying in Saket has many advantages. Most of the things that visitors want to do are within a stone’s throw distance and staying here also provides easy access to the other parts of Delhi as it is well connected by good roads, metro stations, busses, etc.

South Delhi is also very safe and visitors can walk around at night without any fear. The streets remain fairly crowded late into the night and there are many police officers on patrol. There are also government offices and institutions everywhere and the people are mostly very friendly and helpful.

Which is the best hotel in South Delhi?

If you are looking for a recommendation, the Svelte Hotel & Personal Suites in Saket is a great option. This hotel is located inside the famous Select Citywalk Mall in Saket and is one of the best and most stylish hotels in town.

South delhi hotel booking

The best part about the hotel is that it is interconnected with the mall and guests can use many of the facilities and amenities of the mall very easily. The hotel also has some large suites with kitchenettes that are perfect for longer stays.

The hotel also has a nice roof-top swimming pool and an in-house restaurant called the Classic Bistro. The 24-hour in-room dining option and well-trained and helpful staff make it a comfortable and memorable place to stay in South Delhi when you next visit the capital.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Why South Delhi is famous?

Ans. South Delhi is famous for being the most fashionable, culturally and socially active districts of Delhi.

Q2. What is the price range of a luxury Hotel in South Delhi, Delhi?

Ans. The average price range of a luxury hotel in South Delhi is Rs. 5000-14000 per night per room.

Q3. Which is the top luxury Hotel in South Delhi, Delhi for your stay?

Ans. The top luxury hotel is South Delhi is the Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites in Saket. It is located inside the Select CItywalk Mall.

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